The company:
The client ORM.BG LTD is leading digital agency for online reputation management in Bulgaria. Company provides to their clients complete management of their online reputation as increasing positive presence of client’s business in global network. Company works with some of leading companies in Bulgaria as MobilTel, Nestle, Nescafe, Econt Delivering Services, Kreston Bulmar and many others.

The Product:
Facelandia is a project that include wide range of smart and functional applications that can be assigned to personal/company Facebook page and helping clients to be more interesting, provocative and liked on the social network. Facelandia includes some very interesting applications which are very easy to install and manage. Applications are divided into 3 main categories – Business, Games & Promotions and Community, and has the following applications:
– Polls and Surveys – app is used for creating of poll and surveys with unlimited question and Company can check and follow the results in real time as being aware what fans think;
– Voucher – app is used by Company to provide to their users promo codes for discounts, promotion or bonuses;
– Contacts – app gives possibility to Companies to make different and more original presentation of his business in Internet;
– Top Fen – app inspect and detecting the most active Facebook fans and creating rating with first eight fans. The idea is to mobilize fans to fight for number one place;
– Statuses – app contains a wide range of statuses, especially created for the social network. Status updates, links and images, divided into categories and subcategories. User should just select the most suitable ones to your business and publish them. Company can even customize them according to their brand;
-Staff Recruitment – app gives possibilities to Companies to publish their available job positions and searching for the most suitable candidate.

The challenge:
Facelandia is web based project that contains different applications, as each of them describing different business logic. Quality Assurance process included test plan creation, preparing of separate set of manual test cases to cover the existing functional specification, manual and automated functional and non-funtional (performance, security) test execution.

For testing we have used different open source tools:
– Test Link for creating and executing manual test cases;
– Jmeter, PerfMon and Firebug for creating and executing performance test;
– Nessus, LoftCrack, LANguard Network Scanner – tools for security testing;
– Mantis – test tracking tool;
– Jing.

The following testing strategies was used during the quality assurance process for Facelandia project:
– Usability and Accessibility;
– Performance;
– Functional Regression testing;
– Security (vulnerabilities detection, cross-site scripting detection, DOS etc.).

The result:
We helped the Client to develop stable and shippable product on time, by discovering of all the critical and major functional and non-functional defects. The prepared regression test set is updated and executed after each new features development to validate the correct functioning of the app.



Company: ORM.BG LTD
Website: www.facelandia.com

Web testing, SaaS testing
May 2013 – Sept 2014

Test management tools, Automation testing tools, Performance testing, Security testing tools